Sunday, June 04, 2006

Shopping In Cowpie

With the communists & terrorist huggers burroughed into every section of society El-Quacko seen Sobiet Camuckistan ripe for the picking. They begain by brainwashing most of the population via the water & certain edible itmes. Anyone who was allied with Unified States, Great Brighton, or the coalishun was deemed an enemy of the state & their dossiers were passed around to retailers. El-Quacko figures that by having all insecurity guards at shopping malls & stores armed with the dossiers they can force out their enemies purely by leaving them with no place to buy grub, clothes, services, or anything else. Having learned of the dossiers being passed out I immediately made my way to the core of Cowpie often noted for disliking anyone who did not wear a suit & tie, was not white, or was not a communist, homo-sexual, retard, or terrorist hugger.

Sure enough I go to buy some gum at Shuppers Drug Store & the insecurity guards who seen I was not white took my picture fed into into the holo-sphere & downloaded the data. It simply stated Non-white, enemy of the state, please, assault & have him thrown in jail. You know you can do this in Cowpie all the cops are on our payroll. Not too mention the Anti-white wizards have claimed Albertastien as thier new fatherland.

Realizing what was happening I played the weak worm card until when we were outside then I pulled off my shirt & challenged him to a fight out on the street like a man one on one in front of a crowd of people of mixed race. Of course he ran inside & called the police. The brothers & sisters of the other races of man said "Hey, dude what you did was good it opened more people's eyes to where the real evil lies, but run & hide cuz they just called the cops & they will twist the story into you killing someone & they'll put you in jail. We've all seen it happen before, so run"

I left the scence & went to a dance show, some of the locals whom I enjoyed were putting on a show. Once again I found I was running into trouble at the concession apparently not being white led me to getting 2nd rate service after having to present my passport to prove I was a citizen of the state.

Bothers & sisters arm yourselves with cameras & seek out the truth when in Cowpie & other places in Sobiet Camuckistan. Ask yourself the question when someone not white is being led away in cuffs what is really going on?


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