Sunday, June 04, 2006

Riding The Rails

Some of my missions have lead me across Sobiet Camuckistan tracking down the terrorists who are hidden in a series of safehouses manned by those under their payroll. Sometimes my subjects have taken the trains. Even sufficiently disguised & using another identity does not save one from the Train Spooks. These are people that El-Quacko has invading people's luggage. Quite often they steal people's electronics. They love to take anything that can even be remotely used to make a bomb so that the can later use it against you when they deem you an enemy of the state. Use caution when riding the rails in Sobiet Canuckistan.

One particulair journey took me into the Unified States. I was like some folk hero so they knew I was not what some folks from Sobiet Canuckistan painted me out to be. Anyhow on that journey it was just plain old odd not having to worry about Train Spooks. God Bless the Unified States is all I can say, & damn they have some good cooks on the train. I like eating, it was my one weakness, besides women. Now I just get fed some grey goothrough my feeding tube. Oh & I once had teeth as well. I remember when I could eat stake. M-m-m-m-m, unfortunately now I have dentures. I let my teeth rot away after having found a chip planted in one of them. This was back in the day when the commies were setting up shop in Sobiet Camuckistan & doing mass mind control experiments on the population.


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