Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The UCBC (Ultra Comunnist Broadcasting Corporation)

Back when there was a terrorism raid in Torento I remember how for years I had seen this coming. All the signs were there. The non-stop propaganda & hatred that was being broadcast on the UCBC. To summarize a lot of the material, the Camucks were insisting that the Unified States, Great Brighton, & the coalishun were the Great Satan & a bunch of bastards. This indoctrination was further re-inforced in the classrooms where the teachers were allowed to portray comparisons of the allies to the Schnazis.

Curious to learn more I pulled my son out of private school in the states & told him to do me a little favor & wear a little special pin for me while attending class. Day after I recorded hour upon hour of the radical teachings. Finally my son said "Dad I can't take it anymore. I want to go back to the Unified States where they don't preach this kind of hatred & where people are normal". I pulled him out of school & sent him back down to the states & thanked him for doing the entire freedom & democracy loving world a huge favour. Now we knew where the seeds of this recent spat of domestic terrorists came from.

As for the terrorists the CRCMP, PSIS were mad at them because for some odd reason their attempt at producing a homegrown terrorist cell to attack the Unified States backfired & the terrorist cell wanted to attack Sobiet Camuckistan instead.


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