Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Having A Sub While Looking For A Sub

This is a picture of me along the shores of Hudson's Quay. Old Comrade Canuck had let the entire CCF fall into such a state of disrepair that enemies of the Unified States & Great Brighton could leisurely park their subs in Hudson's Quay & have a gay old time. Anyhow having learned of this I went out on a solo mission to do a little sub hunting. I had heard rumors of them surfacing near a remote village becasue they made fabulous submarine sandwhichs the sailors were fond of. Naturally I went to the sub shop several times but did not see any of them so one day I decided to get some take out & did a stake out of the place. Sure enough near sunset I seen a periscope bust through the surface, then some kinda ice breaking mechanism, then next thing you know there is 500 feet of ice exploding all over the place & when that happened I dropped my body temp. & dove into a snow bank. I wacthed & ate as they went to the subhop got some eats, unloaded some weapons, ammunition for some local cell, & then came the biggest surprise of all. They unloaded 14 nuclear missles. One by one they carted them off to some freshly arrived semis & then they sped off into the sunset. I did not come prepared to take on so many people, only had my pulse pistol, & a digital camera so I just observed things & filmed what I could. Don't let your armed forces fall into such a state of disrepair or this could happen in your country. Anyhow later on that night as they all went into town I snuck up to the sub & placed a homing becon on it & met my guide who was waiting 5 miles away & we took a dogsled back to town. It was -40 out, damn cold but that's the kinda' weather I enjoyed.


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