Sunday, June 25, 2006

My Favourite Story From Another Place & Time

"Oh hey there Nursey Nurse, can you pass me that book"

"This one here, about the Space Cowboy, Sgt. ?"

"Yes, that's the one."

"I've heard about it, but have never read it myself, what it all about?"

"This is about the legendary Space Cowboy, a time traveller, & dimension hopper. One of his greatest stories came from a planet very much like our own called Earth. Anyways he single handedly faught the entire RCMP, CSIS, CF, & CPS & hunted down terrorists they were harbouring in a place called Canada. Eventually he died though, you can't fight an entire 26 million people & expect to live. Anyhow he bought the rest of the world some breathing room. He was betrayed eventually & they killed him by setting a dirty bomb off that was intended for thier enemies. Anyhow that dirty bomb they used to kill Space eventually killed them all cuz the rest of the world quarantined Canada & everyone died from radiation sickness. This is the last book about his adventures, & he had plenty. I kinda' fashioned my life after him, even though he is just some charecter in a sci-fi book. They say they are gonna' make a series of movies, soon. I think I'm gonna' call my agent & see if I can audition for a part in it."


"Crazy old narcoleptic!" the nurse says then she covers him up & walks out the room turning out the light as she goes.


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