Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Final Mission

Oh there are a few more missions I could tell you about, but I think the one that was the strangest was the last one. Yes after going it alone for awhile I decided to pack it in. Sobiet Canuckistan was rife with troble makers. I worked 24/7/365 & on leap years 24/7/366. I ate, drank, & breathed anti-terrorism. Any conversation that did not eventually lead to it seemed somehow boring. I had acquired quite the catalog of adventures & misadventures. I had a mountain of combat boots I had worn out or were severely damaged hanging from the ceiling of one of my apartments. I had no medals, badges, ribbons, or whatever. Just a lot of broken bones, torn ligaments, scarred up skin, & memories. There were times I was certain I was gonna' die, times I wanted to die, times I didn't want to die, times I didn't give a hoot, & every other combination. Then when Sobiet Canuckistan turned on me yet again I thought you know I've had enough. That's it & I left my duties to anyone who dared to follow in my footprints.


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